Funeral Assist

Funeral Assist

Option A 

When a family member dies, simply contact the Call Centre. Your nearest funeral services branch will then contact you within the next few minutes.

When the Funeral Service conducts a funeral for you, you are assured of quality service and products.

In addition, a discount of up to 10% is granted on the coffin & service fees provided the complete funeral service is done through One Loyalty’s Funeral Services. Members get the full range of quality products and services, including:

  • Removal of deceased from home or hospital or other place of death
  • International & cross-border repatriations
  • Traditional and cultural funerals
  • Cremations
  • Long distance removal
  • Documentation
  • Coffin
  • Tents, chairs, groceries
  • Graveside set up
  • Leaflets, wreaths and flowers
  • Any additional goods and services they may choose (conditions apply)
  • A discount of up to 20% is applicable on the Memorial Stone and Unveiling Package.

Option B 

Members receive the following benefits:

  • R500 discount when spending between R4 500 – R7 499 on coffin and services
  • R1 000 discount when spending more than R7 500 on coffin and services

Terms and Conditions:

  • This benefit applies to the services and products only and excludes all external costs for services or products either requested by the next of kin or demanded by regulatory requirement.
  • This benefit will entitle members including their spouse/life partner and immediate next of kin to a benefit of R1 000 on the funeral/cremation costs exceeding R7 500.
  • For funeral or cremation costs ranging between R4 500 and R7 499 a benefit of R500 will apply. No benefits will apply to costs amounting to less than R4 500.
  • Members and/or their next of kin must provide proof of membership to be eligible for the benefit.
  • This benefit can only be redeemed in South Africa.
  • This benefit cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • All valid funeral policies and/or contracts will be accepted and this benefit applies irrespective of a member owning a funeral policy and/or contract.
  • The benefit is not limited to policies or contracts only, members using cash are also eligible to the benefit.

Option C

Members receive the following benefits at a 10% discount:

  • Grave costs/Cremation costs.
  • Doctor’s fees for completion of cremation documents.
  • Minister’s, churchwarden’s and organist’s fees.
  • Transport costs outside a radius of 30 kilometres from an AVBOB office.
  • Additional funeral leaflets in excess of 100.
  • House tents, chairs and tables.
  • Motorcars and busses for transporting family members and relatives.
  • Fresh flower bouquets.
  • Food parcels animals for slaughter.
  • Conducting funeral after hours.
  • Removal of the deceased to AVBOB premises.
  • Refrigeration of and caring for the deceased.
  • Registration of death.
  • Writing or engraving of name plate.
  • Provision of a coffin.
  • Supply of up to 100 funeral pamphlets.
  • Local telephone calls.
  • Placement of funeral/cremation notice in a newspaper.
  • Use of hearse.
  • Use of grass carpet, lowering machine, grave tents and ten (10) chairs.