Bail Protect Assist

Bail Protection

With the police now able to arrest anyone with outstanding traffic fines, the number of people in South Africa who can be arrested and be granted bail for relatively minor traffic offenses is increasing. Bail is a legal right.

We have an innovative service for our clients at a minimal cost per month per client providing assistance in posting bail following arrest for a minor crime.

This service assists in exercising your legal right, however, the transgressor still faces the full extent of the law for whatever it is alleged that he/she has done.

Please note that this service is based on voluntary uptake. Pricing is R120 per annum.

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What is bail protect?

  • Maximum amount of bail per incident is R 3 000. No assistance is available for bail in excess of this amount.
  • No bail will be advanced for a serious crime, such as a violent crime (e.g. assault involving grievous bodily harm, murder, rape, etc.), a politically-motivated crime (e.g. treason, sabotage, subversion, etc.) or a sexual crime (e.g. child pornography, child abuse, etc.), irrespective of the amount of bail.
  • If bail is granted, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions (delivery of the receipt and bail and legal costs will be owed to the service provider if the member does not appear at court at the allotted time and date).
  • The bail will only be paid directly to the courts or government body via cash to the police departments or via attorney trust accounts to the relevant courts.
  • The receipt for the bail payment must be given to the service administrator or its appointed agents or posted by registered mail within 24 hours of payment of bail, failing which a penalty of R 500 will apply.
  • If the member does not appear at court on his appointed date, or if he appears but the service providers cannot recover the bail loan for whatever reason, he will be liable to pay the service provider the amount of the bail plus any legal costs incurred.
  • The service provider will not advance bail to any member who has previously claimed and not delivered the receipt within 24 hours of payment or not appeared in court at the allotted time